Saturday, June 26, 2010


By Football if one means Soccer as it is more popularly known, then the game is said to have a history dating back thousands of years. There are records of a game called Cuju played in China about 4000 years ago which resembled football in some ways. In fact there have been mentions of a game somewhat similar to football being played in various parts of the World throughout history. The Greeks, the Romans, the Mexicans, the Japanese and the Eskimos have all played a game involving the use of their legs, a spherical object and in some cases a goalpost at some time or the other in their history. However, the place that is credited to be the birthplace of modern day Football are the British Isles with records of matches being played between different villages in the middle ages. In fact a recent discovery of a book written by a Scottish teacher, David Wedderburn way back in 1633 describes in detail a match of football played in Aberdeen, Scotland. According to another story a game closely similar to Rugby was already being played at the Rugby School in 1823 when a player William W Ellis ran the ball into the net thereby giving birth to another form of football better known today as American Football. The date for the start of modern American Football though is said to be 1876, invented by a man named Walter Camp who had supposedly heard the Ellis story.
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