Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Orbita 3-Style Mouse
The Orbita 3-Style Mouse has turned the mouse 360°.
About the Inventor
Laurence has been an inventor since he was little! At the age of seven he appeared on the show ‘What’ll They Think of Next!” in 1980 with his ‘do anything’ machine. He was a software and web designer and developer before retraining in Industrial Design. The Orbita mouse was his student design project, and he’s progressed it himself for six years, until recently partnering with an Australian company to take the product to market.

For more information about Orbita 3-Style Mouse, contact the following:www.cyber-e-sport.com/orbita

How it Works

The Orbita 3-Style Mouse has turned the mouse 360° making possible high-resolution three-axis movement with a plug-and-play mouse interface! The design replaces the typical ‘scroll wheel’ with a freewheeling unit that has eight times the sensitivity of a normal mouse, and thanks to its internal electronic compass, this mouse always maintains its orientation.

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