Monday, July 14, 2008


Shadow Caddy
The Shadow Caddy is a three wheel robotic caddy that, like a human caddy, carries the golfer’s clubs for them, and follows them around the golf course.

About the Inventor
Hubert Novak

Melbourne Victoria

Hubert likes to ride dirt bikes and fly remote controlled helicopters.

Michael Hamilton, Melbourne, Victoria

Michael likes to play squash.

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The Shadow Caddy is the first commercially available robotic autonomous vehicle which follows its operator while carrying his or her golf clubs, bag, drinks etc without the golfer having to focus on the buggy. The Shadow Caddy allows the golfer to just play and enjoy the freedom of walking. The technology that allows the Shadow Caddy to do this can be easily adapted to a wide variety of uses.The Shadow Caddy follows a transmitter which sends out a radio frequency signal. The Shadow Caddy picks up the signal through two spaced apart antennas which are each linked to a receiver.The Shadow Caddy follows its operator at a set distance (programmable) and accelerates and decelerates, turns and stops as the user does. It tracks the operator to within mm. with the equivalent of 3 PC's on board, it processes the signal at 50 times per second allowing the caddy to be able to climb, descend and traverse hills which most people would struggle with. The shadow caddy also incorporates a collision detection system to protect the user or an object if a collision is going to occur. The current application is for the golf industry however, the technology could be adapted into many other industries.

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