Monday, October 13, 2008


Mount Gambier is famous for many things — its Blue Lake, pine forests, white coralline limestone.
But now, an invention hailed as one of the most important discoveries of this century has come on the scene. And it may make Mount Gambier famous the world over. We present this gleaming star in the world of personal comfort — the deluxe, centrally heated toilet seat. The designer has called his invention the 'Comfort Seat' and he plans to introduce it in seven different colours — white, grey, pink, blue, black, primrose and aqua. There are four different temperature settings on the Comfort Seat, much after the style of an electric blanket.

PRESENTER: Mr Coward, what inspired you to direct your energies towards a heated toilet seat?

MR COWARD: Well, now, if you must know, a very, very cold posterior.

JAMES O'LOGHLIN: Yeah, I must say I wasn't sure about that one until I found out it came in primrose. That really sold me.

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