Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Milk Tanker Breather was invented in the state of Victoria by Bob Roff.
BOB ROFF: I remember when I told my wife about being on 'The Inventors', she turned around and said, "Bull----!" My invention was designed to stop milk from being spilt out of a tanker. Actually, it was inspired by my wife having an accident with milk being spilt on the road from a tanker.

STUART WAGSTAFF (host, 'The Inventors'): There you are: $1,000 from the Commonwealth Bank Travel Strength. Congratulations!

BOB ROFF: Thank you very much.

STUART WAGSTAFF: We'll see you later.

BOB ROFF: Actually, I won $1000, which was quite handy. I spent it all on bills. Well, I guess I started to be inventive during 1966, when I went down to the Antarctic. Inventors, um...I don't think there's too many that become multibillionaires. I think it's one of those things that you get the satisfaction of having invented something. I've had a pretty full life and I'm still continuing on with it.

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