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The Record Player
By Sam Schalman-Bergen
Before 1877, the only way to hear something was to listen by person. But in 1877, a new luxury was created. The record player was invented. It was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. Edison invented it in West Orange, New Jersey at Menlo Park Labratories. The record is unlike the C.D. player, because it can not only play, but it can also record. The record player was a mouthpiece consisting of a stylus that was attached to a diaphragm. In order to record, the mouthpiece would be lowered onto the cylinder, covered with tinfoil. One would turn the cylinder with a handle and talk. The talking would cause vibration that pressed the stylus down to the foil. So, as the cylinder turned, it created a pattern, that when played, sounds like the recorder's voice. In order to play, one would put the stylus back to the beginning of the recording and turn the crank. The force of the stylus moving over the pattern caused the diaphragm to vibrate, which recreated the sound of a voice. In 1888, the record player was improved by Amiel Berliner. He changed he tinfoil that had the recording into a flat disk. Now, this one-time phonograph has been changed into a C.D. player. The record player was a huge success and it was all thanks to Thomas Edison.

10 Facts about the Record Player
Invented in 1877
Invented by Thomas Edison
Invented in Menlo Park Laboratories, in West Orange, NJ
It could record and play
The first recording, by Edison, was Mary Had a Little Lamb
Bet 2 dollars and a pack of cigarettes with the head of the machine shop, that the phonograph would work and it did
It consists of a grueled cylinder wrapped with tinfoil and a mouth piece consisting of a stylus attached to a diapragm
It was Edison's favorite invention
The sound waves would press down on the diapragm and stylus, causing vibration that pressed the stylus into the foil
To play back, all you had to do was put the stylus back at the beginning, and turn the crank All the information was taken from The Genious of Edison C.D. ROM

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