Saturday, May 3, 2008


In 1877, German immigrant, Emile Berliner invented the microphone. He sold his microphone patent for $50,000 to the Bell Telephone Company and later went on to co-invent the gramophone. Emile study physics at night during this time of invention. Berliner and Bell Telephone feuded over the actual inventor rights to the microphone.
Berliner's invention went on to set the wheels in motion for what we know now as the condenser microphone. A metal encased element that measures the pressure from voice signal and electronifies the sound as channels the signal into a PA (Public Address) system, thus the amplification of the vocalist or speaker.
Berliner later went shortly thereafter to co-invent the gramophone along with Thomas Edison. The gramophone would later evolve into what is now known as the record player. Berliner died in 1929.
Today the microphone in music is the voice of the band. The microphone has changed a lot over the past 120 plus years. It started the radio revolution and became a big success in mid 1950, as the radio was the main source of families' entertainment. Every lead singers microphone is an earpiece to their fans. With various new technologies and digital technologies effects to the voice can be created without the vocalist ever having to change their vocal pitch.
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