Sunday, June 22, 2008


The first Diaper was invented by many people there isn't just one inventor. But the first diaper that was water proof was invented by Marion Donovian , it was made with a plastic cover on the outside. But before that was invented, we used leaves attached by the stem, animal skin to help prevent leaks and it's softer on the babies bottom and other creative sources. In the olden days when cotton diapers were made babies would wear the same diapers for days. Diapers with safety pins were invented in the 1800's.


We know that the first official diapers were made with a piece of material "cotton". But the cotton diapers had to be changed and washed on a regular bases, and that was difficult for mothers during the 2 world war. That was when the first disposable diaper was invented. The men in the war delivered a pack of disposable diapers each week. After the war the mothers had to go to the doctor to get disposable diapers. Marion Dionovian was really interested by the invention of diapers so she tried to find other models but she didn't succeed.

Back then some people thought that dad's didn't know best, but Vic Mills thought that he knew even more. Vic Mills a grand father looked for an easier way to put diapers on his grandson the results: Pampers was born (a very successful disposable diaper company). 10 years later, packs of Pampers diapers were found in grocery stores the idea was to keep the babies bottom's dry. His product was so different that they had no idea where to put them so you could find them in the convenient section and the food section and the drug store.

Disposable diapers started to get quite popular in the 1960's for mothers and it was very easy because they didn't have to change the diaper as often because it has away of absorbing liquid. This year the Pampers diaper company came out with different sizes, large and medium. Some people didn't like them because they had attendancy to leak. A few years later they came out with a third size small so they had 3 sizes. There was an 8-10% chance the diapers would leak. And they had a machine that made 150 diaper per minute.


In this year a second very popular diaper company Huggies was invented so now there were two diaper companies Huggies (Kimberley Clark) and Pampers (Gamble). So there was a competition between the two Diaper company's. In this same the diaper machine was updated to 250 diapers per minute. They also started putting disposable diapers in less fortunate countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Chili. Some diapers are made in a bad way that causes babies to develop their bones badly. So doctors complained to the diapers companies were updated and they had to find a different model. Huggies had the first idea it was a rectangular/circle shaped diaper. In this year Pampers replaced pin diapers with sticky tabs to hold everything together. That invention occupied Pampers for a few years, and also Pampers came up with a disposable diaper that absorbed extra liquid during the day.


Pampers and Huggies put cotton material in there diapers. Now the diapers only had a 2% chance of leaks. The fist diaper in Japan was made in 1989. Also the diaper introduced the value pack and it had extra diapers because you can never have to many diapers they also had ideas like the fist skinny diaper that had absorbent gel material and an elastic leg, a sticky tab that you can reattach take it off then put it back on, with a soft layer. They figured out that there advanced program.

Diapers were made extra soft this year, and there were more sizes. And diapers that held more liquid before the leaks came. In the world the population of people that bought disposable diapers raised the percentage up to 95%. The diaper machine that made 250 in 1970 went up to 900 diapers per minute. The price of disposable raised because the advanced quality and they had packs that carried more diapers.

So many other diaper sizes came out and the companies Huggies an Pampers came out with preemies, newborn, ultra trim, over nights and supreme. They made a diaper that hade powder that turned into gel when water goes on it. in the United states they make over 18 Billion packs per year. what are they going to think of next? They already invented that breath, really they breath. And the diapers premium and baby dry have protecting cream that helps the babies bottom stay soft and smooth.


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Marion Donovan is the inventor of the waterproof diaper cover with non-pinned snaps, perhaps a precursor to the disposable diaper. She received a million dollars for the four patents covering this invention and filed for 20 other patents for other different inventions afterwards. She was elected to the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2015. Overall she did not fail to invent the disposable diaper but provided an intermediate step to the development of it.