Saturday, June 14, 2008


The first historical record of a stove being built, refers to a stove built in 1490, in Alsace, France. This stove was made entirely of brick and tile, including the flue.

Lots of good pictures accompanied by a small amount of text. Around 1728, cast iron stoves really began to be made in quantity. These first stoves of German design, are called Five-plate or Jamb stoves.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) invented the iron furnace stove or 'Franklin Stove'.
Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist designed the first sootless kerosene stove.
Jordan Mott invented the first practical coal stove in 1833. Mott's stove was called the baseburner. The stove had ventilation to burn the coal efficiently.
British inventor, James Sharp patented a gas stove in 1826, the first successful gas stove to appear on the market.
The Carpenter Electric Heating Manufacturing Co. invented an electric stove in 1891. On June 30, 1896, William Hadaway was issued the first patent for the electric stove. In 1910, William Hadaway went on to design the first toaster made by Westinghouse, a horizontal combination toaster-cooker.

Second Industrial Revolution Stoves The coal stove was cylindrical and made of heavy cast iron with a hole in the top, which was then enclosed by an iron ring. Gas stoves were found in most households by the 1920s with top burners and interior ovens. It was not until the late 1920s and early 1930s that electric stoves began to compete with gas stoves, however, electric stoves were available as early as the 1890s.

Microwave Ovens The microwave oven was a by-product of another technology. It was during a radar-related research project around 1946 that Dr. Percy Spencer, an engineer with the Raytheon Corporation, noticed something very unusual.


katty said...

I love the big stove specially because i like to cook all kind of recipe, how ever i prefer to have a reasonable place. Actually i saw a beautiful stove in a house that was published in costa rica homes for sale it was big and beautiful, i think i will go there because it catched my attention.

Wood stove said...

I like to use a wood stove in winter,and your article let me know how invented this great thing!lol

Rejhen Briones said...

who is the inventor of 1490stove invention ?

Ramona Chaney said...

In my studies for my son's black history project UNKNOWN FOR HIS INVENTION, Thomas A. Carrington(african American), invented the first actual stove on JULY 25,1876. PATENT NUMBER# 180,323