Sunday, August 10, 2008

Q-Who invented the locomotive?

A-The person who invented the locomotive was Richard Trevithick, born in England.

Q-Where was the first locomotive made?

A-The first locomotive was made in England, by R. Trevithick.

Q-When was the locomotive invented?

A-The first locomotive was invented in 1804.


abdulkadir said...

i did not get wat i was searchin for...!!! bastard website (fucking too) bitch..!!!

mrsrat2u said...

This really sucks for me,too. I guess the social studies books lied.. or they didn't make it clear that the man that invented the one that made the weight easier for the locomotive to carry it.. I don't know.. it didn't work and it wasn't what was stated in the book.. this makes me so mad!!