Thursday, August 7, 2008


The filter against stupidity is already available!

Stupid Filter, a program that detects and filters stupid or impertinent remarks on websites, is now available. The creators, who have managed to mount a finance company, on July 29 launched the first version in evidence. Announced months ago, the project got hundreds of volunteers who collaborate to collect feedback from the formal point of view, might be regarded as stupid. In the absence of a semantic analysis technology, Stupid Filter analyzes the shape of the message, its extension, the use of capital or the keyword to decide what is stupid. Volunteer work has allowed Paul Starr and Gabriel Ortiz developing a huge database with which the programme collates each new post before deciding whether or not it is impertinent. Apart from an improved mathematical algorithm that analyzes the messages, the main novelty regarding the initial design of the program is increasing the speed and reliability of the system. As Ortiz said, "the new search engine is much faster." The application allows those responsible for websites to automate the filtering comments. Free software Stupid Filter, created with free software, has become the first company product Rarefied Technologies. The firm, a company backed by venture capital, wants to tap into the mathematical algorithm behind Stupid Filter to design other programs aimed at mathematical field of natural language processing. For now, the program only works in English, but is already collecting stupid comments in other languages, including Spanish, to develop a comprehensive database multilingual.

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