Friday, August 22, 2008


Super Soaker - Lonnie Johnson
By Mary Bellis
The Super Soaker ® was invented in 1988 under the original name of the "Power Drencher" and a whole new era of power water squirters began. Invented by Lonnie Johnson, an Aerospace Engineer from Los Angeles, California, the Power Drencher was the first water blaster to incorporate air pressure into its design. Three years later in 1991 when Johnson received his patent, the Power Drencher was renamed "Super Soaker" and a nation-wide advertising campaign was launched.
Patents Issued To Lonnie JohnsonA complete list of patent issued to Lonnie Johnson.
Lonnie JohnsonInvented the Super Soaker® a squirt gun, also invented thermodynamics systems on the side - Invention Dimension.
Johnson Research and Development

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